ok so we have been staying at my bfs sisters house, and I tried to give him a bath and he wouldn't even sit down he stood there and screamed. (ive been letting him take showers with me the whole time we were here due to only having one actual bathtub) well im scared when we move into our own place here in a couple weeks. how do I get him to adjust to everything? his bedroom, the bathroom, the whole place. idk what ideas to do to get him adjusted other than putting al his toys in his room.

    8Theresa Gould
    Can you use bubbles in his bath to see if that makes bath time more appealing?

    Can you visit your new place over the next couple of weeks to get him acclimated to it? Can you take him with you when you move your stuff in so he can explore and get use to it?

    Otherwise, all I can say is he'll adjust.
      Oh I am the master at this!! Lol. Two kids, moved 4 times in their toddler lives and both had issues w it at first

      Sooooo.. First, never apologize to them for moving or making it seem like its "hard".. Play it up.. Mention it in passing every chance u get.
      Like say "at our new cozy home, we will have a picnic dinner" or "you're going to love the living room" or whatever it is. Also make him feel like he has some control... Ask him if there's anything special he'd like on the wall or how to decorate his room. Draw a picture of a square and have him decorate it w his things.
      Take him to target or Walmart and let him choose a new pillow or blanket or stuffed animal. Let him choose where things go in there.

      As for the bath, get some colored bath fizzies. They toss them in and they fizz a little and turn the water a color. Green or blue or pink.. Get him some bath stickies that don't let him slip and pick out some new bath cups or a ball.
      Also my kids love shaving cream. They have bath markers and crayons and color soap. Leg him go to town!!!

      First few nights is wierd for them. New sounds, new dark. You can sleep w him for a night or better on the floor and camp out in living room.

      I found that if I got excited they would feel more excited. New things Akways helped. Like a new shelf or box for toys. Even new hangers. I don't have a lot if money but even the dollar section had cute stuff to decorate or a little heart pillow.

      And kids don't have control so give him some.

      Can u go to the neighborhood where u live? Dint tell him but go and take a walk around there and make it fun like do a treasure hunt so he loves that area and then tell him we can live here!!!

      And also. Don't coddle too much. Kids are tough and resilient.

      We lived in a crappy one bedroom last year and moved to a nice 2 bedroom w a pool and a courtyard and they still missed their old home. And I was like, eew. Whyyyy??? But home is where u make it. Kids don't like change so make it fun and give h some control.

      Let us know how it goes or if any of my ideas worked.

      My kids took about 2 nights to adjust. A week to really be home but they're happy now!!!
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