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OK I may get a lot of complaints here....but I am putting this out there if your child is eating non stop start rice cereal NOT MUCH but like a tsp.....My son justin started to eat table foods at 3-4 months granted I am also calling table foods as my homemade baby foods because I do not agree with all the preservatives in the baby foods to make them last a long time. So if I eat it he does to granted his is without spice! and he has done great! I say follow your natural instinct because only you know your child better then anyone even the doctors and what is normal for the average baby! But do let your doctor know!

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yes it takes all of 30 min to make your own veggies and then use an ice tray and freeze it one veg/fruit cube is equal to 2 oz baby food and a jar of baby food for cheap is 56 cents I can make 24-36 jar of green beans for $2! then just store in freezer and take out heat up and instant baby food....FYI baby oatmeal just but quick oats and use a food processor to grind it up super fine instant baby oatmeal!
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Cereal I found out babies can digest as early as 2 weeks...even though dr.'s recommend 4 months! but the they can digest it I know the dr ordered my daughter to be on it at 2 weeks..... and if you start with rice cereal cook it grind it freeze it heat it prepared ready to go food no water no milk to add!
    We started on food at four months with puréed fruit and veggies. Eventually adding cereal to thicken then up. But now we try very hard to all eat the same thing. He does even get some spice. There are article online with spice recommendations for infants. But my husband pointed out that kids in India get curry as babies and kids in other countries get spices early on. I think the earlier they are exposed to the family meals the better. It also helps start family meal time.
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