really reinsurance

so go in for my D&C tomorrow and im really scared.....i have no reinsurance from the bf and its kinda annoying even though im telling him how scared i am.......he cnt go with me cuz he just started a new job and im terrified.....idk what to......

i dont have my mom shes dead, my friend went with me.........felt bad she had to come because we are like sisters and we were 2 1/2 months pregnant apart....shes due in June and i was supposed to be due in September. She always talked about how our babies would have been best friends and stuff so i felt bad taking her but she said she was happy to be there
im in alot of pain were you?
    So hard not having the reassurance you need or crave.
    If you have to go alone, like I did, just know people care about you. I actually ended being glad I was alone. Didn't really want to talk or have someone doting in me. Do not go under if u can help it. I disagree w the above but that's my personal preference. Going under can be scarier and when u wake up and everything us different it can be jarring more than what you're already going through.
    Say good things to yourself and you got this. It will be okay. It's fast and will be over soon. Ask a friend or a parent if u can. Sometimes they won't let u drive home. Ask for help. If u don't have any, just know we are here for you.
    We can reassure you that you're ok!
      Anissia ~ I hope everything went ok... my prayers are with you...we are here if you need to talk!
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