Dry Hands!

Ugh! This Winter is kicking my hand/knuckles booty..

And remedies for keeping my hands silky smooth?

They look like alligator skin.... haha

    Amber Bradley
    coconut oil, but not to much!
      I'm a licensed Manicurist and have figured out a pretty good scrub to keep my hands smooth and hydrated. I like coconut oil, with sugar and lavender or citrus oils. you want the texture a little on the drier side to keep hands from feeling greasy, scrub hands and rinse. after I would use an unscented lotion, but I usually use coconut oil Like Amber said... only a little put non lint mittens on until it soaks in! I would only use the scrub a few times a week, good luck!
        I swear by Curel Intensive Healing cream... It is amazing! No greasy feel and completely hydrating!
          Linda... do you find it greasy? Do you get it in the store or from a natural seller? (I have seen it sold at the farmers market... was wondering if there was a difference?)
            Ah ok... I will have to try that out! Thanks!
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