No food until 6 months

I think that 4 months old is too young for real food. All the studies show that a baby's gut is not developed enough for real food until 6 months or later. The American Academy of Pediatrics says babies should be exclusively fed breastmilk for the first 6 months. Every other health organization such as WHO and UNICEF all agree solids should be started 6 months or later.

When solids are starts sweet potatoes are a perfect first food, followed by avocados and bananas. Those three rarely cause an allergic reaction, are full of vitamins and healthy fats.

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    just as an experianced mother, i have to disagree with that....both of my children had stomach problems such as colic an acid reflux my son started eating solids at 4 months exactly an never had another stomach ache...he also was drinking milk instead of formula at 10 1/2 months my daughter which is only 7 months now has been drinking sweet acidoplas milk since she was 3 months old because that was litterally the only thing that she could hold on her stomach an again she started solids at 4 1/2 months an has not had her acid reflux bother her since...i am working towards taking her off formula completely now...i dont agree with the waiting until 6 months for all babies cause all babies are different an all babies progress different in size, age and everything eles
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