Everyone is getting pregnan but me

I am 25 years old I been married for Almost five years We have A 4year old Girl who is in preschool all day and I am ready for a another baby my husband really didnt want any until now and I seem to cant get pregnant I pretty much have the ovulation stuff down packed

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      4Pam Otto
      Sometimes it will just happen. Maybe now that your husband is ready your bodies need to get into that feeling as well. I feel that sometimes your body knows if you are ready or not. Good luck and I hope you get some good news soon!
        4Kerri Nino
        Don't worry about not getting pregnant it will happen in Gods timing! with that being said...I wish I could get pregnant with my soon to be 2nd husband but I cant and I have to live with that...If only God would open my tubes up and allow that one day!
          4Kerri Nino
          LOL my soon to be hubby again is like Im to old!!
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            Im Married going on 5 years I have a 4year old in preschool all day yay finally more me time but ready for number 2
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