Help for a child not eating enough

I do have this problem myself with my two youngest children. I try to feed them higher calorie healthy snacks. I have also take my doctor's advice and don't let them walk around with cuppies all day long because they fill up on liquids. I mix carnation instant breakfast or pediasure in their cups first thing in the morning with breakfast, and try to make it so they have something they will definitely eat at every meal. My 3 year old is actually eating better since she had her tonsils out. Jaiden will sometimes eat, and then she wants to eat off my plate, so I generally keep an extra fork there so she can have bites. They love fruit, so I keep fruit in the house at all times for them. And, I try to remember that they will eat when they are hungry. Some children just have smaller appetites and are built smaller.

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    sometimes kids can picky about eating at times. my soon to be 8 year old was really picky when he was a toddler. he was small in size but that was due to his disorder. as long as they are eating and the dr isnt worried about their weight then they should be fine. now i have a 8 month old and he eats alot at feeding time but i let him eat til hes full. but hes not overweight or anything and is not picky. all kids are different
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