Neighbor kids

I need advice.​ Every kid from my apartment complex likes to come over to play everyday and I love it but there are these 2 sisters that always try to push their way into my house when I say my kids can't play. They're banned from the neighbor's place because they were playing on their porch when no one was home. It's not working to just be stern and I'd hate to kick them out. How do I deal with them?!

    nice to meet you, Bitty! My son had a friend ( he eventually moved), who was so annoying, but I like him because his parents got divorced and he lived with his grandma. Yes, he is a sweet heart boy, but he did not accept my rules in my house. So, I simply told him if he wants to play with my son, he needs to follow our rules, and if he doesn't like it, he can play with my son, but only outside...
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        I think a nice blend of Elena and Stephanie's solutions would be a good starting point- never been there though! My first is still in my belly, but I'm sure I'll be having playdate hassles soon enough, haha.
          Amanda Hurley
          Hello and welcome to the group. I just had this problem yesterday, or a similar one. My neighbor's daughter downstairs from me was invited to my daughter's party. Her mom was babysitting. The little boy just came up and into the party like it was no big deal. After several of the adults at the party told him numerous times to stay out of stuff, I had to send him home. Shortly thereafter, the little girl that was invited was sent home for being all over my sister's new baby after being told to lay off. Sometimes, as much as you don't want to, you have to be the bad guy and just say no, go home. Easier said than done, as you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but its just the way it has to be.
            8Theresa Gould
            Sounds like you got some good advice from the other ladies. Let us know how it goes and if the girls take the "hint".
              Thanks for the advice everyone! This is going to sound silly but it's kind of hard for me to communicate with their parents because both are deaf and can't really read lips too well. Besides that, I'm horrible at understanding people with accents or speech impediments so talking to the parents might be difficult. It's worth a shot. I'm not very good at being a social mom. Being awkward is more my thing Lol
              Embrace your inner (outer?) awkward! It's the best. :) I could see that being difficult... I hope you figure something out!
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