Good morning to all you Mommies.

I have a question..... My grandbaby has some spots on her leg. She woke up with these this morning. The thing is, she has these spots on her bottom, and we thought they were just mild diaper rash.
Any ideas?????

    Do you have pets? sounds like flea bites but if it looks like hives or rash then it could be an allergy. see a doctor before giving over the counter meds.
      Hi there Mommies... I have an update of my lil Booboo. After 2 Doctors, we have finally found out that she has a fungal infection in the follicles on her bottom. She is now on a prescription cream and after one day of application, the red spots have almost completely disappeared. She may have to have this cream applied twice a day for a long time.... but we are happy that we have an answer.
      Just thought I would let you know.
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