OK I absolutely love this topic!! Ok so I'm weird!!! Anyway I am not a big fan of gas drops but they are out there. I generally play the game of pack up the baby! Take the babies legs and fold up to the head! Also there is a game called I LOVE YOU! Starting about an inch above the belly button on the left rub down with one/ two fingers While saying I...same fingers about an inch above and to the right of belly button rub left to spot you started at with I and then down and say LOVE then from right hip bone to left hip bone rub an upside down U and of Course say you! Repeat baby will stop crying and start smiling. Also, helps with constipation! Also moving babies legs in a bicycle motion helps as well!

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I learned them from my daughters Occupational Therapist when she was 2 months old! They work wonders and its a great time to play with the baby as well!!
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