young love.

Last night we when to the store to get some food. I seen my son how is 10y old go to the cupcake and pick one up. It a beautiful cup cake....Mom he said can you make shore no one touches this for me please....I said ok, with giving it a thought....then we walk past the do you think this is a nice card....I said ya it ok but it $ he put it I gave him a look. like what you up too,but did not say a thing to him done can i have my cupcake now so I can pay for I gave it to him...we got home,he did not eat.he put it in are i going to take this with me can you help me with writhing something....ok I said what is it...I dont know how to ask if this girl like my son like a girl and got a cupcake for her along with a you like me yes or be young....I told him if she dais can talk on the phone and she each other in school....that ok....Mom i rember are talk on girls.

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    How sweet! Very thoughtful young man you have there. :)
    Margaret hernandez
    thank you.
      Awww :)
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