I need a maid.

To clean or not to clean.
so my kids are in school all but one how is steal not filling all that good...I need to clean my home but i do not wont to clean to day. Thar are some days ware I would love to have a maid come in and clean for me. only one problem with that is i do not have the money to pay her/him to do it...so i have no choice but to get it done my self...if i ever got a lot of money I would get a maid.......lol i better get my house done before this maid get fired hehe.

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    I've contemplated a maid since I started working from home but I can't get over my discomfort of having a stranger in my home to clean. I'd just get someone in once or twice a month....but I can't do it.
      I hear ya. We're kind of spring cleaning today :(. Just got wiping down the walls and Hubby's vacuuming. I hate cleaning but it has to be done.
        lol!Soon I will get a maid since I work at home now and never have time to do housecleaning anymore! As long as the dishes get done and laundry clean and folded, I am happy! Hubby loves to vacuum so he is a great help! but dusting!!! Hate it!
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