'Safe' foods maybe not the safest?

For nearly the whole first trimester I craved nothing but junk food. I was a pretty healthy eater pre-pregnancy​, but once peanut arrived all I wanted was processed, packaged foods. No desire for lean meat, no salad, absolutely no fruit. Everything sounded gross. Hubby and I spent about $20 at a 711 because all I wanted was protein bars, poptarts, Zero candy bars... Everything not considered particularly healthy.

I cracked it up to be along the same lines of women may crave basic, bland foods like bread because they are less likely to be infected with things that can harm baby. I think my body realized that highly regulatedd processed food may not be the highest form of nutrition, but it was 'safe.'

Anybody else crave junk food? Did you find any good substitutions?

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    Hi Cassaundra! Nice to meet you!
    Hi Cassaundra! Nice to meet you!
    Well, I'm not pregnant and I'm healthy eater to - but sometimes all I want is hamburger)). Guess you need more fat and proteins - that's the reason of your wishes.
    My pregnant sister, who was vegan before, now eat only pork - nothing else, no vegetables). Doctor says she just need more protein - her body doesnt have enough for little one.
      Wow, Mariya vegan to all pork! That's a big change, lol. Nice to met you too, Linda! Meg, maybe I'll give that method a shot once the family goes back home. :)
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        Christi Bhattacharya
        With my last two pregnancies I craved raw almond butter and oatmeal. Oh it was so good. I still crave it, 4 months after giving birth. I have to have it all the time. Speaking of, I should probably have a bowl now...lol :)
          Amanda Hurley
          With this one and my last two pregnancies, I craved tomatoes. This one I am also craving cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, and steak.
            8Theresa Gould
            Yes, I have. I would crave one fast food place each pregnancy and we do not eat fast food regularly. It's something we eat when traveling.

            I agree with Mariya though that you probably need more proteins, something I didn't know during most of my pregnancies.
              That's funny about the fast food.

              I've been devouring the proteins lately. Luckily I'm past most of my food aversions at this stage. :)
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