Motherhood over 35

Hi All. So, my husband and I are having our first child, I am 37, and of course, that is considered high risk by the OB GYN. Everytime I go to the doctor, they stress me out with all these tests that I "should" do. With all the indications so far, there appears to be no need for these tests. The first ultrasound that we had proved that the baby was healthy and every time I go in there, they indicate that all is great and the baby is growing in accordance within their standards.

Has anyone else dealt with this too? It's just frustrating because every time I leave the office, I am super stressed out and am crying. I think the only time I haven't been was the last appointment that I had, because the doctor that was seeing me was straight to the point and wasn't pressuring me, but her colleagues in the office ALWAYS do. I know they have to follow protocol and give you the options to do these tests, but some of them are so pushy and make me feel like a terrible person for not doing them. My mom had her last baby, my younger brother when she was 39, and they tried to do that to her too, but she stood her ground and he turned out just fine. I've also talked to other moms that are my age, and they have had similar experiences and their babies have been fine despite not having the testing.

Sorry this is so long, but it can be so frustrating sometimes.

    Brittany McDuff
      That's definitely understandable. I am so sorry for your loss. I believe that most people, no matter if their child has a defect or a disability, they love them anyway, and it wouldn't change a thing. I work in the field, and the parents think of their children as a blessing, as they should. Disability or not. It sounds like you are definitely prepared and ready for what lies ahead when you become pregnant again.
        5Brenda Beck
        i was 35 when i had my 4th child and 37 when i had my 5th. I will be 38 next Tuesday...I refused any tests. I told my doctor, why bother, im gonna have the baby no matter what and i will love them regardless. My doctor really didnt push anything on me. The baby was growing just fine in both cases. Now i have a beautiful 2 year old boy and a beautiful 7 month old girl to go with my 2 older boys and older girl! All the loves of my life. They are just fine. :) Congrats, and try not to stress, that would be the only problem you would have. :)
          It went well. The doctor that was pushing these tests more than the rest was the doctor that I saw today. She of course mentioned them again. I politely declined, and of course she told me to think it over again. Then, she proceeded to tell me that I have been passing everything else with flying colors and the baby looks great. I didn't really feel stressed after leaving there, because I am going to stand my ground.
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