How to avoid dog bites for baby

My mom is a dog lover. We always had at least two dogs and up to three at times. She always taught us to never put our faces close to a dog's. To this day, now that we have a dog, I can hear her voice in my head when our children put their faces close to Padfoot's (our Newfie/Retriever). We were also taught not to go near a dog's food. This is one we are working on with our dog because our daughter read somewhere that in the pack the top dogs get the food and they get to take it from the lower dogs, which means the lowest dog every body can take his food but he cannot take anybody else's. Since we are over Padfoot, we want him to learn he's the low dog on the totem pole. Just the older ones in our family are training him in this right now, but we are hoping to continue to teach him the younger children are over him too.

We were also taught not to tease dogs or run away from strange dogs. It's better to stand still or slowly back away so a dog does not chase and attack, as is it's natural instinct. They can sense fear.

That's all I can think of right now.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I think that's important. I know we love our animals, but they are still animals and it's up to us to keep our children safe.
      Its very important to teach your kids those lessons because you never know about animals. We taught our dog we were the pack leader and it helps by sticking your hand in there bowl while they are eating or moving the bowl.
        I was terrified about my new puppy Marley (he's a 9month old yellow lab) being around a new baby, but I was hoping he would take after his sister Jena (6 yr old yellow lab) she is very protective over babies or little kids and would never harm them. Thankfully I have a friend who was willing to let me test him out on her kids, and he did alright, but is still a little hyper. It's a work in progress but we are getting there.
          Alicia Taylor-Camaro
          I would also add that you should teach your children to ALWAYS ask permission before touching a strange dog, and if the owner says no to leave it at that. Of course this is more of a problem for toddlers and young children than babies. With babies I would just tell parents to remember that dogs aren't throw pillows. It may be cute for your baby to sit and lay on your dog, to you. But the dog probably doesn't feel the same way.
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