Moving during late pregnancy or with a newborn?

This is my first baby. My husband and I have a cross country move (California to Virginia) scheduled the week of my due date! We've decided to avoid hanging around longer than necessary because California hotels would get unnecessarily expensive and we'd like to have family around for the baby. But shoo, is this going to be interesting! Have any of you ladies moved around this time in your life? Do you have any tips?

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That's what I'm thinking. I really believe this will be a good (and well-timed!) lesson in taking things as they come and learning to relax and be fluid- even in the midst of such changes. At least baby will start life with adventure, haha.
haha total adventure! I say a complete map of the US needs to be put in their room.. or a mini globe! haha The only thing I would say, to be prepared on this aspect is the hospitals.. or insurances and what not where you could possibly deliver at EACH place! I know we are going to my parents, who live in SC, about 5 weeks out from my due date and I already asked them to check out the hospital and double check some things.. hahaha
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    You are a brave soul to be traveling that close to your due date. An adventure to be sure!

    I've never moved while pregnant but my advice based on experience traveling in a car any distance while pregnant is to drink lots of water and take breaks to stretch and walk around so you reduce swelling.
    Sounds helpful, thanks! :) Will definitely be taking a lot of breaks I think... either for me to pee or the baby one.
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