Deciding the wedding plan is tough!

My fiance and I were planning on getting married this summer! I dreamed of having a big wedding with lots of roses and sparkles. However, Im not very closed with half of my family and friends. My fiance isnt either. We want a good wedding. We were thinking of having a small wedding like approx 50 guests or less, or just the two of us! Also we dont want to spend too much on our wedding while we could use it for honeymoon and vacations. Im having hard time knowing which is a wonderful place to get married just the two of us or maybe a small wedding if its cheap!! I live in Seattle, any places would be great if you know any! I dont need any more of stress or basically doing it all on my own... advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I had a small wedding and we did it on a shoe string budget. We used my hometown church - rent free. It was less than 100 members so it was small in size and it allowed me an excuse to keep my wedding small. I invited family and close friends since only my husband's immediate family (3 people, plus a baby) traveled to Nova Scotia for the wedding.

    My family and church made all the food. A lady in my church offered to do my decorations and flowers, a man in my community who had beautiful gardens donated flowers. I bought flowers for our wedding party. One of my best friend's mom was a cake decorator/baker. She made our wedding cake for free as a wedding gift to us. It really was a group effort. I am so grateful to them all for making our day special and allowing us to have a wedding debt-free.

    I rented my dress, only because we were flying back to Chicago and I didn't want the extra luggage to haul around on our honeymoon. My husband and his friend came a couple months before our wedding to get the bulk of my stuff. The rest we took back in bits when we went home to visit or my mom brought to me when she visited us.

    I think you can do this!
      I agree with Charli, have a small wedding with the people who mean the most to you & just glam it up. If you are the DIYer type there are plenty of low cost ideas out there. I don't know about Seattle but a lot of places you can get married at a park either for free or for a small fee, I got married in my grandparents front yard (they have a creek & a beautiful tree that blooms in the spring) I bought my flowers wholesale from & my grandma & I did all the flowers ourselves. I bought my dress at a thrift store for $75 (it was originally a $3000 dress donated by a bridal shop). We did have a bakery do the cake but we found a low cost one. I think the most expensive things were the rings & the photographer. A small gorgeous wedding on a budget is definitely possible.
        I think a 50 person wedding is PERFECT.. even smaller if you can manage without upsetting anyone.. I had 44 people at mine, we got married in the backyard of my step grandparents home and we had white lights up and ordered food from the local Italian restaurant and it was awesome... I really don't understand why people spend a bunch of money on a huge wedding, but that's just me... It was sweet and intimate and special and remember talking to everyone and everyone gave small speeches and did shots together..
        We spent the rest of our money on our trip to Hawaii and DID IT UP.. totally worth it...

        All my friends that had the big wedding ALL wish they had done something smaller.. most of them didn't even get a chance to talk to people OR know some of them ...

        To me, spending money on dinner plates and place cards and all that is a waste.. But that's me.. My friends still talk about my wedding and how nice it was..

        So, I say keep it small and lovely... like a celebration and fun... .Congrats!!
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