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I just had a quick question, i had a really bad miscarriage 2 years ago, i lost the baby at 15 weeks and ever since then i havnt been able to get pregnant for some reason. The hospital checked me out and everything last year and through the tests and stuff they said that there isnt any reason medically on why i havnt been able to conceive....does anyone have any advise?

    8Theresa Gould
    I am sorry for you loss, Heather. The only thing I can think of is stress? If they have run all the tests and nothing is showing up I don't know if there's anything else they can do. This happened to me with Matthew. They ran all the tests and there was nothing wrong, which makes it hard for us as moms because we want a reason and we want answers. Sorry I don't have more to offer you.
      Rhonda Warren
      The one thing I have found is that when I stopped thinking about it and stopped trying. I would get pregnant. I had three healthy children. I had tried with my first but wasnt successful. Then after my sister had her son I thought ... Im going to stop trying and help her get hers a little older before I try anymore because we were always together. The minute I did that ... and got my mind off of it ... I got pregnant.

      I ended up having a miscarriage in 2011 I was 14 weeks but baby stopped growing at 13 weeks. I got pregnant again in 2013 and had another miscarriage in Aug 2013. After that one I really realized ... Id love to have one more. But decided we had a lot going on, my body needed to heal from my previous miscarriages. So I focused on us getting our home done because we are in the middle of building a house and ... bam pregnant with my 4th child. I wasnt trying to prevent it or trying to make it happen. I just wasnt focused on getting pregnant and that seems to do the trick. I think if you are focused to much on it you are only going to stress yourself even more. Relax, go about your life and dont try to prevent it and see what happens :)

      Keep yourself busy with other things you like to do. Really get your mind on something else. I do believe it will help :)

      Best of luck to you! I know loss is hard .... But every pregnancy is different, just remember that.
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