No symptoms at week four? No problem!

Absolutely. It is completely normal to have no pregnancy symptoms at four weeks. I have been pretty blessed to have a mostly symptom-free pregnancy aside from about a week and a half of morning sickness. It does get me a little riled up wondering about baby sometimes, but I think I should just consider myself lucky!

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    Amanda Hurley
    All four pregnancies, I started morning sickness early. I was 3 weeks when I started getting sick and sensitive to smells. I rolled it off to being a bug, but soon learned the truth. Lol.
    Amanda Hurley
    Well aren't you the lucky one. I had morning sickness really bad with ALL of my pregnancies.
      8Theresa Gould
      I pretty much knew by week four because I always get tired and fall asleep far earlier than normal and nausea was starting to be a constant friend. I only ever got sick with our first and only 2x because of an empty stomach. Plus a missed period was always a tell-tale sign too, even by 2-3 days because of my regularity.
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