Sucker for a good love story... you have one???

I LOVE romantic comedy's and stories of how people met... especially the least likely couples or the opposite attracts couples, or the friends for years then boom couples...

Any of you have great loves stories??? I have found that even though people meet in a normal or regular boy meets girl way... when in hindsight and you look back on it, you see how meant to be it was...

Let's hear it ladies!!!!

    Margaret hernandez
    I can not believe, I am going to say this lol
    My Hubie ( Gilberto) fell in love with a pitcher of me at my mom house. He look at it and said how is she to my mom...Mom how i love, said my my kid why?...Gilberto can i meet her... mom, she lives in Pennsylvania and we are in Florida I dont think she will come out her just to meet you...Gilberto, do you think we can come up with a plan to get her out her....Mom ya think we can. you would be great for her. (LOve this women.)
    so they came up with a plan for me to come to Fl...Mom calls me. what you doing would you like to come out to fl to see if you like it her to live with me..ME, ya why not nothing go on down her..not knowing what she up to...she come down by bus and get me.on my why to Fl..think this is going to be a great vacation time hang out with my mom... well we get of the bus and her boy friend at the was there to pick us up along with how is, he just a friend of mine. mom, why does he have flower and a stuff,it for you.....MOM, I said why am I relay out in fl. will she said he like you and I think he will be good for you..Omg really mom, really.... It took him 2mouth to get me to like him and we have been to getter for 10+ years......some time your mom does now best lol.........but dont tell he I said that ok.
      My husband and I started dating senior year... I think it is romantic because one day I decided to give him a back massage in our english class one day, he said he needed one. Our mutual friend in this class new I had a crush on him but he was oblivious until she told him a couple of months later. That isn't what makes our love story romantic though. What does make it so (in my book anyway) is: fast forward a couple years later, we are at my parents house for Christmas and out come the home videos. We are watching old church tapes from the early 90's, vacation bible school programs. In this film there are close ups of me and other people and I feel my husband tense up... I start to pay more attention now because obviously something has really gotten his attention, the camera comes back to me and right next to me is my hubby!!! LOL We actually knew each other when we were little from the same church!! Of course we didn't realize this later on in life because we were 4 or 5... I KNOW God has a sense of humor. This little coincidence is very romantic to me. Does it to you?
      Margaret hernandez
      I love your...It funny some time to see how God move in a great way....I keep telling my boys.. you never now if you meet your you better be nice to that girl...hehe
        We both weren't the greatest kids and did what we wanted. We had some mutual friends. We started hanging out a lot and then started dating. We are childhood sweethearts. We have been there for each other threw a lot of hard things and we have surely had our ups and downs but we've made it threw them all. We have been together for 11 years. He is the love of my life and I know we were really young when we met but I believe it was fate. We have always been best friends and I couldn't imagine my life without him, he's the greatest man and daddy I know.
          I moved to NYC (from Toronto) when I was 24 and in search of adventure. About a month after I moved, I was walking down the street with a friend of mine and we ran into a friend of hers and another guy, E (my hubby, though I didn't know it yet). We chatted for about 10 minutes and then moved on. Several weeks later, I was at a social event and this really creepy older guy was hitting on me. He was giving me the heebie jeebies and I was looking around to see who could rescue me when I noticed E in the room. I waved to him enthusiastically like we were the best of friends and then excused myself from creepy guy to go talk to him. Of course, E thought I had a major crush on him or something, which I did not (at least not yet), but we did end up talking for a while and then he checked with my friend if I was single and asked me out. We went out 3 or 4 times, but like a bad perm, it just didn't take. We got along fine, but I just wasn't in the frame of mind for a serious relationship having just moved to NY and with all these cute guys to date :-)

          Fast forward 2 years, during which time we stayed friends (purely platonic) in the same social circle. On Sept 11th, I was in my office in mid-town when the planes hit the twin towers, and he called me to tell me to get the hell out of there. I was in shock, just sitting at my desk, not knowing what to do, and he shook me out of it. Two weeks later, we went together to a "Canada loves NY" rally (because I'm Canadian) and spent the entire day together. He tells me that was the day he began to think he would marry me one day. It took him a couple of months to get up the courage to ask me out again, though, given that we'd been friends for so long. He finally did in January 2012 - took me out to dinner b/c he had lost a bet we'd made (the loser had to pay for dinner, but I was expecting pizza, not a fancy restaurant) and he was all nervous the whole time. I kept thinking, why is he so nervous and sweaty? Haha. Well, then he gave me this whole speech about why we should give it another try, and told me to think about it. And then the next day he dropped off this hilarious "application for boyfriend status" at my apartment that just had me crying with laughter. So I was scared to accept - because I thought it would ruin our friendship, but then I realized the friendship was ruined now anyway, so I may as well see what comes next.

          We got married in Dec 2012 and have 3 kids. And even though he said he'd never move to Canada, that's where we are now :-)
            My husband and I met at church (I was like 16 at the time and he was 23 I believe) lol me and his little sister was really good friends and one day I seen him walk in and my only thoughts was "I have to have that man! He's gorgeous!" lol he was in a relationship at the time, I waited almost 6 months for him and were finally together. We split up after a year, two years later we got back together and 6 months after being together again we got married, now here we are lol I love him with all my heart and his kids very much! I wouldn't trade them for nothing in the world!!
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