so D&C

so had my surgery yesterday. still dont understand why it happened to me again...i dont understand why god had to take the one away that was going to be my best friend. wish i can have my baby back. wish i could have held it close and told it i loved it day after day. after miscarrying for the 3rd time i honestly dont think i want to try anymore. hold your love ones close you never know when you will have that last day with them
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cant deal with another loss

    I'm so sorry. I understand why you feel like giving up. I just wanted to say that My miscarriages were also all early losses (5-8weeks) even though I got pregnant very easily. The doctors did a TON of tests (even though I had to fight for them to do anything) and had me chart my BBT to see if they could find and underlying cause. It turns out my body doesn't produce enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy past 5-8 weeks. I took suppliments the next time I got pregnant and now I have my daughter. Have you looked into anything like that?
    i have to go to my dr on tuesday and they are going to do testing then to see why......
      Im so sorry Anissia.
        So Sorry to hear about your loss, be praying for you.
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