Breastfeeding, my toddler, and troubling times

I've always been a breastfeeding-on-demand kind of mama. As such, I've noticed that my daughter wants to comfort-nurse more frequently lately. I am a working mom, and I'm away for about 10 hours four days of the week, which I hate, but we really can't change it, so we make it work.

My husband and I are dealing with the added stress of our elderly cat, Pooh Bear, being diagnosed with cancer. We're pursuing radiation to treat it, but it's an expensive course of treatment, and we're both feeling anxious over draining our savings.

Could that be making my baby need to nurse more? Are we stressing her out with our own worries, or is this a symptom of separation anxiety? I'd like to think that we can shield her from our troubles, her being so young, but maybe we need to work harder at it.

    I am sorry to hear about your cat.

    About your daughter, she is probably going through a growth spurt. Just let her nurse as often as you can and it should pass after a week or so. It could also bit a little bit of separation anxiety as well.
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