Baby friendly cats

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get cats ready for our little one's arrival? What about after we come home from the hospital?

    Let the cats sniff clothing baby wore, and introduce them slowly, it'll work out.
      One thing everyone warned me about was watching out for the cat trying to snuggle the newborn when he/she is asleep. Some cats love warm babies and will try to snuggle up to them in their cribs and can cause the baby to suffocate accidentally. I had no clue about this beforehand.

      I definitely agree with letting the cat sniff clothes or baby blanket and a slow introduction. Our cat hasn't had a problem with the baby, she keeps a respectful distance especially when he's crying.
        Our cat was terrified of our baby. Even now she's will only occasionally let Avery near her. Our vet gave us this advice about preparing a cat for baby.

        1. Let the cat "get bored" with the nursery. Cat's are curious and if you lock them out of a room for months and then open it up when the baby comes they'll suddenly think they have a whole new place to play in.
        2. Discourage them from liking to sleep in the crib by laying crunchy plastic bags on the mattress before the baby comes. They won't want to sleep or walk on it so they won't be in the habit of it when you bring the baby home.
        3. Have someone bring something with the baby's sent home to the cat before you arrive so they can acclimate ( FYI, my cat could care less about smelling avery's sent..)
        4. Supervise the baby and cat's interaction. Don't let the cat get too social and don't let the baby get to rough. Short interactions are best at first and then let them be together only when they are both calm.
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