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I'm a mother of a 16 day old girl. I'm nervous that I'm not cut out for this. I love her dearly but didn't realize how much res…

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so I'm typing this in hopes of recieving advice on my problems and also to get it off my chest. I'm currently feeling so depres…

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Baby Checklist. Month 7 Week 4
1. I moved baby’s crib mattress to the lowest setting. Madeline can pull himself up to stand now, so I need to make sure Madeline doesn’t climb to a midnight escape!
2. Baby enjoys picking toys up, and Madeline can pass them from one hand to the other. Madeline also is starting to understand the names of some objects — if I say “ball” or “dog,” Madeline might look at the right toy.
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4. Baby is starting to learn more vocabulary beyond just nouns and verbs! I’m teaching Madeline adjectives like “empty” and “full” as well as prepositions like “in” and “out.” I use these words to describe what Madeline is doing and experiencing while we play.
5. Baby loves Madeline walking toy! I encourage Madeline to practice pulling himself up and “walking” while using a toy or furniture to balance.
6. I’m scheduling some time this week to spend time with other adults and have a real conversation, even if it’s just a playdate with babies in tow.
7. After baby’s in bed tonight, I’m going to light some scented candles and take a bubble bath to relax. My muscles are tired after a long day of carrying a growing baby!
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Baby Checklist. Month 7 Week 3
1. Baby is too young for screen time! I save my TV shows for when baby is in bed. While we’re playing together, I turn it off to help Madeline understand real-life interaction and avoid overstimulating Madeline with too much noise and movement.
2. Baby can’t wait to start walking! Madeline can put Madeline’s full weight on Madeline’s legs, and Madeline might stand up while holding onto furniture.
3. I make sure to include plenty of iron-rich foods like pureed meats on my baby’s menu.
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4. This week, I’m scheduling a babysitter for a couple of hours during the day so I can take a nap. I deserve it!
5. Babies are expensive, so I’m saving money when I can! I’ve started clipping coupons and planning meals in advance. I try to plan how to use leftovers, too.
6. I try to let baby figure things out herself. When Madeline is trying to fit that square peg into the round hole on the puzzle toy, I don’t let myself intervene right away. This is a great opportunity for baby to develop problem-solving skills! If Madeline gets really frustrated, that’s when I step in to help.
7. My baby loves to bounce! When I’m helping Madeline stand, I let Madeline bounce to strengthen those little legs. Madeline loves it!
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Baby Checklist. Month 7 Week 2
2. Baby has started eating finger food. Madeline loves playing with it as much as eating it! I know picking up food is good for developing hand-eye coordination, so I’m not worried about table manners.
3. Baby is starting to learn about cause and effect. Madeline loves testing it by dropping things to see what happens.
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4. Even though baby is getting more independent, taking care of Madeline is exhausting! This week, I’ll make sure to ask my partner and my older kids for help with chores and household tasks.
5. I’m aware of what developmental milestones my baby should be able to do at this age, but I also know that every baby grows at his own pace. If I’m concerned that my baby might be delayed, I’ll make an appointment with my pediatrician.
6. Baby and I explore toys together. I show Madeline how to press buttons, turn pages, and roll a ball. Playing with Madeline is more fun every day as Madeline learns new skills!
7. I continue to teach my baby new words by talking about everything we see. I help Madeline make connections between experiences and the environment by saying things like, “Do you hear the dog barking?”
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Baby Checklist. Month 7 Week 1
1. My baby is going places! Madeline is starting to roll, scoot, and even crawl. Suddenly Madeline is getting into everything! I’ve followed Madeline around the house to spot anything that isn’t safe for a baby to explore, and I’ve made sure everything dangerous is out of reach or securely locked.
2. I don’t have to puree baby’s foods anymore. Madeline can chew well, so I just boil food so it’s soft and mash it with a fork. My baby is practically eating with the family!
3. I’m still careful about which foods I give baby. I wait several days between introducing new foods, and I keep track of what foods Madeline is eating. That way, if baby has an allergic reaction, I’ll know which food caused it.
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4. I feel like I’m busy all the time these days, but I try to make time to take care of myself, too. Even a quick shower does wonders for how I feel!
5. I’m making time for some “alone time” with my partner this week. Scheduling it may not be romantic, but it’s the only way to make it happen these days! We both know baby could interrupt, so we’re prepared to be flexible.
6. Now that baby’s mobile, Madeline bumps her head constantly on the floor and on furniture. I know how to recognize a concussion, and I know what signs mean I should call my doctor or take Madeline to the ER.
7. Baby puts everything in Madeline’s mouth these days, and sometimes I find random things in Madeline’s diaper a few days later! I know what symptoms would mean something’s stuck in his digestive tract.
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Baby Checklist. Month 6 Week 4
1. I’m encouraging baby to be more mobile! I roll a toy away from Madeline, and Madeline tries to follow it.
2. Baby has lots of brightly colored toys so I’m working on teaching Madeline colors. I pick a toy that has several different bright colors, and I point out the different colors to baby by name.
3. Baby loves to manipulate toys, and I’m encouraging Madeline to play in lots of different ways! Madeline is learning to roll balls, push a walker, and crawl through tunnels.
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4. If I didn’t already get the whooping cough vaccine for myself, I’ve scheduled an appointment to make sure I’m up-to-date.
5. I decided to change my work schedule! I talked with my employer, and he agreed to let me work from home two days a week. Cutting out my commute is going to give me a lot more time with baby in the mornings and evenings on those days!
6. I’m making sure to avoid cooking all the nutrients out of baby’s food. Instead of boiling vegetables, I steam or bake them.
7. I’m teaching baby to follow directions in a way that’s appropriate for Madeline’s age. I redirect Madeline if Madeline is doing something dangerous, and I’m teaching Madeline to freeze when Madeline hears the word “no.”
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Baby Checklist. Month 6 Week 3
1. Baby is starting to really express Madeline’s feelings! Madeline imitates my facial expressions when I’m sad or happy, and Madeline shows her own feelings on her face. I try to use words to express what I think Madeline is feeling and validate it.
2. I got a baby food masher. Baby is ready to eat thicker purees now, so I can make my own baby food by quickly mashing vegetables that I steamed for myself and my partner to eat.
3. Baby’s separation anxiety is in full swing! I can hardly step out of the room without Madeline crying. I still have to leave sometimes, but I make sure baby has eaten and had a good nap before I leave so Madeline is less likely to get upset.
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4. My house is dirty, and I don’t care. I’m letting go of chores this week so I can focus on baby and enjoy all the new skills Madeline is learning.
5. I’ve scheduled some time this week for me to work on a hobby. It might be something I used to do that I haven’t done in a while, or it might be something new I want to learn.
6. I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is partly for my own health, but it’s also because baby wants to eat everything I do, so I’m trying to set a good example!
7. Running is getting hard on my feet and ankles, so I’m alternating with swimming laps for my workout.
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Baby Checklist. Month 6 Week 2
1. Baby wants to stand up! Madeline can stand while holding onto my hands, and I let Madeline practice this when Madeline wants.
2. I bought a baby toothbrush! It has super-soft bristles, and I’m letting baby get used to chewing on it and playing with it so I can start teaching Madeline good dental hygiene.
3. Sometimes, I swear baby is testing my authority. I know Madeline doesn’t really understand commands yet, and Madeline needs to explore, so I’m patient and calm if Madeline ignores when I say “no.” Instead of getting frustrated, I gently redirect Madeline with a different toy or activity.
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4. Baby is getting so independent! I’m proud of Madeline — but I also can’t believe how fast Madeline is growing. I’m getting together with some mom friends this week so I can talk about my mixed feelings about my baby growing up.
5. I’ve started making smoothies. They’re great for me and for baby! I try different recipes with greens, fruit, yogurt, and juice for a nutritious snack that baby and I can share.
6. I appreciate my own parents a lot more now that I’m a mom! I’m taking some time this week to let my parents and my partner’s parents know that I’m grateful for them.
7. I’ve scheduled some time away from baby this week, even if it’s just a quick lunch date with a friend. Even grocery shopping by myself feels like a treat these days!
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Baby Checklist. Month 6 Week 1
1. Baby can feed herself with a spoon! I’m not sure how much Madeline is actually eating, because Madeline makes a huge mess, but hey, Madeline is having a blast.
2. Baby has started teething. I don’t see any teeth yet, but Madeline is drooling and chewing on everything and seems a lot more irritable than usual. I know this could last a while, so I’m stocking up on teething toys, cold washcloths, and patience!
3. Baby understands me! Madeline recognizes her name and can sometimes follows simple commands like “yes” and “no.”
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4. My doctor told me to give baby a daily supplement of vitamin D.
5. I’ve started a freezer meal exchange with a few friends, and it’s really simplifying my cooking! Each of us cooks a lot of one meal that can go in the freezer, and then we all swap.
6. Baby has a security toy. It’s really sweet to see Madeline carrying the “lovey” around everywhere we go!
7. I’m treating myself this week with some relaxing exercise like a yoga session or a long walk.
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Baby Checklist. Month 5 Week 4
1. Baby used to love meeting new people, but now Madeline is scared of strangers. I don’t force Madeline to go to unfamiliar people, and if I need a new sitter, I spend some time letting baby get comfortable with the new person while I’m still around.
2. I’m teaching baby colors! Whenever I give Madeline a toy, I say the name of the toy and the color. I also point out colors throughout the day.
3. When I put baby down to play, I set Madeline’s toys a little bit out of reach. This encourages Madeline to reach for them — and maybe even crawl toward them!
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4. A few of my family and friends have really helped me with baby over the past few months, and I want to make sure they know how much I appreciate it! I’m doing something this week to thank them, even if it’s just a verbal “thanks.”
5. My partner and I had our first baby-free overnight! We stayed close by and came back early, and baby survived just fine. I did too!
6. If I’ve been working and I’m not sure I want to continue, then my partner and I will sit down and go through our budget to see if we could manage if I were a stay-at-home mom.
7. Baby had a six week checkup! Madeline also got another round of vaccinations: the third doses of Hep B, RV, DTaP, Hib, PCV13 and IPV. If it’s almost time for flu season, then Madeline got a flu vaccine.
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Baby Checklist. Month 5 Week 3
1. Baby loves to read! Actually, Madeline mostly just chews on books, but I know that listening to a book helps build language skills. Plus, reading to baby gives me a chance to sit down!
2. Baby can’t wait to start standing and walking! In the meantime, Madeline loves to sit in the bouncer. I know not to let Madeline use it too much, but Madeline enjoys some time in it every day.
3. When I hold baby up in a standing position, Madeline puts weight on Madeline’s legs and pushes off the ground.
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4. Being around lots of other kids means baby is constantly exposed to germs. If Madeline is in a group daycare and has gotten sick often, I’ve thought about whether I want to consider other childcare options like an in-home daycare or a nanny.
5. I am really exercising again! I signed up for a 5K, and I’ve started training. I might even try a marathon eventually!
6. I gave up on keeping my house perfect. I don’t need friends who judge me by how clean my house is! If I have older kids, I’ve put them in charge of keeping their rooms clean (and I don’t worry if their rooms don’t meet my standards).
7. I’ve talked with my doctor and my partner about when we might want to think about having another child.
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Pregnancy Checklist. Week #1
1. An ovulation predictor kit will tell me exactly when I’m ovulating more accurately than the calendar. I’ve bought my ovulation predictor kit and I know how to use it!
2. An appointment with my doctor will give me a chance to talk about my personal health history and anything that might affect my plans to conceive. My appointment is scheduled, and I’ve got a list of questions I want to discuss.
3. I know most couples need at least 3 months of trying to get pregnant, so I’m not holding my breath yet. I don’t need to think about seeing a specialist until I’ve been trying for 6-12 months.
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4. I’m not waiting till I get a positive pregnancy test to quit drinking and smoking. Especially during the two weeks after possible conception and before I test, I’m turning down that glass of wine, just to be safe.
5. I’m not letting the “two-week wait” stress me out. I’m starting a fun project or scheduling time with friends to keep me busy and help me relax while I’m waiting to find out if I’m pregnant.
6. I’m aware of any medical conditions I have that might affect my pregnancy. I’ll ask my doctor about any medications I’m taking (for conditions like asthma, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid disease, or epilepsy) to make sure they’re safe for pregnancy.
7. I’m having sex frequently — before, during, and after ovulation. (And I’m enjoying it!)
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Baby Checklist. Month 5 Week 2
1. Baby’s talking! Ok, really Madeline is just saying one-syllable sounds like “ma,” “da,” and “ba.” But Madeline said “ma” while looking at me, so I’m counting that as talking!
2. Baby can hold Madeline’s own sippy cup — and Madeline loves drinking from it without help. Madeline is also discovering how to drop it, so I make sure the lid is on tight before I give it to Madeline.
3. I know baby needs to taste a new time several times before Madeline will start to like it. If Madeline doesn’t like a food the first time I offer it, I don’t worry — I’ll just introduce it again later.
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4. I’ve scheduled an hour this week to do something fun like reading a book, getting together with friends, or enjoying a hobby I haven’t had time for.
5. I ask my partner for help. He’s learning his own way of interacting with baby, and I don’t correct him if he does something differently from me. After all, he’s a parent, too!
6. My partner is taking over bedtime one night this week (or more!) so I can get to bed early and get some extra rest.
7. Baby has started solid foods! I won’t give Madeline any honey or cow’s milk till after Madeline’s first birthday.
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Baby Checklist. Month 5 Week 1
1. My partner and I are both so tired after bedtime, sometimes we barely even talk! This weekend, we’ll take one of baby’s naptimes to sit down together and have a real conversation to reconnect.
2. Baby can turn Madeline’s head from side to side and look up and down. I’m working on teaching Madeline to nod “yes” and “no!”
3. Baby and I love to listen to music and dance! I hold Madeline in my arms and turn on my favorite tunes, and we dance our cares away. Madeline also likes to lie on the ground and do some “dancing” of Madeline’s own!
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4. I’m doing something simple special for me this week to help me feel pretty, like painting my nails or taking a long shower and doing my hair.
5. I finished babyproofing, and I’m ready for baby to crawl! I’ve got locks on cabinets, everything breakable is moved out of reach, and I’ve checked all the windows for strangulation hazards.
6. Whenever baby’s around, I say the name of everything we see to help Madeline learn new words. Sometimes I catch myself doing this when baby’s not around, too!
7. If it’s allergy season, I’ll watch baby for any signs of asthma or allergies like coughing and wheezing. If I notice any symptoms, I’ll talk to our doctor.
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Baby Checklist. Month 4 Week 4
1. Baby is learning to wait a minute. If I’m in the middle of something and Madeline wants attention, sometimes I can distract Madeline with an entertaining toy to give myself another minute or two to finish my task.
2. Baby enjoys simple, colorful toys like blocks and rattles. Whenever I give Madeline toys, I say their names to help baby learn vocabulary.
3. We’ve established a regular bedtime routine. It’s not too long — about 10-15 minutes — but baby and I are both yawning by the time we finish!
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4. My baby loves Madeline’s soft Taggies blanket! Madeline brings it everywhere, even on walks and to daycare.
5. I used to be able to deal with bills and mail the minute they arrived, but now I sometimes let them pile up till the weekend. To keep organized, I’ve got a mail shelf or bag with mail, supplies, and any other paperwork I need to take care of.
6. I’m drinking at least 8 ounces of water every day, and I keep a water bottle with me so I don’t forget. I also take a daily multivitamin.
7. If I’m dairy-free, then I make sure I get calcium from other foods like beans, leafy greens, and calcium-fortified juice.
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Baby Checklist. Month 4 Week 3
1. Baby used to love meeting new people, but now Madeline is scared of strangers. I don’t force Madeline to go to unfamiliar people, and if I need a new sitter, I spend some time letting baby get comfortable with the new person while I’m still around.
2. Baby loves to use Madeline’s fingers. Madeline reaches for and grasps toys — and also my clothes and jewelry.
3. If I didn’t already have one, I got baby a play gym. Madeline loves playing on the floor and reaching for all the interesting dangling toys!
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4. When we get a new toy, I show it to baby so we can explore it together. I show Madeline the buttons to push and levers to pull to make things happen. Madeline likes watching me play with the toys, but Madeline loves playing with them herself even more.
5. I’m getting better sleep these days, but I’m still exhausted. I’m starting a vitamin B supplement to help my energy levels, and I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
6. Baby’s toys are taking up more space. I got some baskets and shelves to organize our new collection!
7. I’ve started babyproofing! I covered all electrical outlets and made sure any tall furniture is fastened to the wall. I also moved any cleaners or poisonous materials to high, locked cabinets.
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Baby Checklist. Month 4 Week 2
1. Baby is taking two naps a day, which is important for Madeline’s development. Madeline’s sleep pattern is pretty predictable, so I can finally plan around naptime! I nap too sometimes, but on days when I have energy, I catch up on housework.
2. Baby and I have fabulous conversations these days! True, his {name’s side of the conversation is just babbling, but I respond as if we’re talking. This will encourage language development and help baby learn conversation patterns.
3. Baby can hold head up well and sit without help. Madeline loves to look in the mirror and smile at himself — Madeline thinks it’s a friend to play with! Madeline is starting to discover body parts, too — Madeline’s own fingers and toes are Madeline’s favorite toys.
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4. I’m finally getting some “me” time! When baby is napping or playing independently, I take some time for myself. I might even start to rediscover some old hobbies.
5. Sometime this week, I’ll sit down, put my feet up, and enjoy a relaxing drink — maybe a cup of tea, a fruit smoothie, or even a glass of wine.
6. Being a mom is fun, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. When I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, I take a minute to close my eyes, relax my muscles, and breathe deep.
7. I eat between 8 and 12 ounces of seafood a week (cooked — not sushi). Omega-3s are good brain food, and I need all the help I can get!
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Baby Checklist. Month 3 Week 4
1. Baby had Madeline’s 4-month checkup. This included another round of vaccinations: a second dose of RV, a second dose of DTaP, a second dose of Hib, a second dose of PCV13, and second dose of IPV.
2. I swear I have a baby journal somewhere. I try to update it at least once a week! — I really want to keep track of all these exciting milestones.
3. Could baby be teething already? Madeline is drooling a lot, and Madeline wants to chew on everything!
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4. I’ve switched to mom fashion: I got a breastfeeding necklace. It’s pretty and safe for baby to pull on, and it helps Madeline stay focused while eating.
5. I think baby knows Madeline’s name! Madeline turned his head to look at me when I said it.
6. Baby may not be talking yet, but we are definitely having conversations. I ask questions when Madeline coos and answer when Madeline gurgles. I talk about simple objects Madeline sees every day to help build vocabulary.
7. Does eating well during the day help baby sleep better at night? My doctor or lactation consultant said it could, so I’m making sure to feed baby on demand throughout the day.
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Baby Checklist. Month 3 Week 3
1. Baby can sit by herself now — although Madeline tips over if I don’t support Madeline. Baby loves seeing the world from a new perspective! Madeline also has good head control.
2. My baby is babbling. Madeline is starting to repeat sounds we say and imitate syllables of words. Madeline doesn’t string them together yet, but Madeline is definitely experimenting with language and ways to move Madeline’s lips and tongue.
3. Baby loves motion! Madeline loves to bounce on my knee, swing in my arms, and be rocked to relax. I hardly need to work out at the gym when I’ve got such a cute weight to lift and swing!
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4. I am trying to get back into the swing of working out, though, so I asked my partner to take the baby to daycare a couple of mornings this week. I’ll miss my morning commute with baby, but this will give me time to go to the gym before work.
5. Baby is constantly outgrowing clothes, which means I get to shop for adorable baby outfits! I’m trying to separate stuff I really need (diapers) from non-essentials (expensive boutique outfits) so I don’t spend my whole paycheck on cute baby stuff.
6. I lay down on the nursery floor and got a glimpse of baby’s bedtime view. It looks a little boring. I decided to move Madeline’s mobile to give baby a new perspective to look at.
7. I am starting to feel like doing housework again! I asked a friend to come play with baby for an hour so I could really clean the kitchen, wash some laundry, and make dinner. It’s so much easier to do when I’m not holding baby!
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Baby Checklist. Month 3 Week 2
1. My baby has learned so many new tricks already! Just a few weeks ago, Madeline could hardly move, but now Madeline is rolling from back to her side, laughing, and grasping objects with both hands.
2. I have to pay attention to what’s in reach of baby’s arms these days. I’m careful not to put anything dirty near her while Madeline is playing, because Madeline is starting to put everything in Madeline’s mouth.
3. I feel silly sometimes when I’m playing with baby — but I don’t mind! Laughing and giggling is good for both of us. The sillier I get, the more baby smiles, and there’s nothing better than that smile!
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4. Does my baby follow me with Madeline’s eyes? If I have any concerns, I’ll remember to talk to my pediatrician now. Eye problems can often be corrected quickly if they’re caught early.
6. I’m starting to realize that even when I lose all the baby weight, I’ll never get my “old body” back. I have a new body now — a mom body. I’m going shopping for clothes that fit me now, with my wider hips and breastfeeding chest.
7. You’re never too young for games! Baby and I play peekaboo and pat-a-cake. Actually I do most of the playing, but Madeline seems to enjoy it, too.
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Baby Checklist. Month 4 Week 1
1. I’m totally baby’s favorite. Madeline laughs and smiles when I come into the room and cries when I leave. It breaks my heart, but it also makes me feel like the most important person in the world!
2. Baby rolled from tummy to back for the first time! I’m not sure who’s more excited about this — me or baby. Madeline won’t stop practicing this new trick!
3. I never, ever leave baby on a bed, changing table, or any other high surface. Now that Madeline is rolling, it’s even more important that I always follow this safety rule.
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4. I think it’s time for another date night. I’ll try to find a babysitter this week so my partner and I can go out for a little while, even if it’s just for a quick coffee.
5. If I don’t already have a nasal aspirator, I’ll get one this week. Baby’s first cold is probably coming soon, if Madeline hasn’t had one already!
6. My partner and I are making time for sex again, but things are a little different these days. If I’m breastfeeding, it’s totally normal to leak milk in the middle of an intimate moment. I know this is nothing to be embarrassed about (and my partner might even get a kick out of it)!
7. I talked to my pediatrician about when baby should start solids. I also asked about good choices for baby’s first foods. I’m looking forward to this new culinary adventure!
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Baby Checklist. Month 3 Week 1
1. Is the 4-month growth spurt starting already? Suddenly baby wants to breastfeed all the time. I’m continuing to feed on demand — I know it won’t last forever.
2. Baby is starting to like colors! I’ve started offering more brightly colored toys instead of the high-contrast ones Madeline used to enjoy.
3. Singing, whistling, clapping, and even blowing raspberries — baby loves sounds! I have lots of fun making sound effects for baby throughout the day. This helps Madeline’s language development, too, so I’m okay with sounding silly.
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4. Baby is finally getting the hang of using Madeline’s hands! Madeline is grabbing everything in sight — especially my dangling necklace or hair. Time to take off my nice jewelry for a while.
5. If baby gives me a minute to myself this week, I’ll go online and find some healthy recipes. Soon I’ll be cooking for baby, too! — but in the meantime, I want to make sure my partner and I are eating healthy, especially if I’m breastfeeding.
6. My breast milk is changing as baby grows. I’m making sure to eat healthy fats like nuts and avocados to get all the nutrition I need.
7. I’m enjoying the fact that baby’s schedule is getting more predictable! It’s tempting to use every extra minute to catch up on chores, but I’m making time to rest and unwind, too.
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Baby Checklist. Week #11
1. I’m working on helping baby enjoy her crib, so I got Madeline a projection soother that attaches to Madeline’s crib and projects a scene onto the ceiling. Madeline loves to look at it!
2. Baby might try to interact with other kids. Madeline is interested in other babies!
3. I’ve learned to give baby a massage. It’s fun for both of us! — it’s relaxing and soothing for Madeline, and it’s bonding for me. We’ve made it part of our bedtime routine.
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4. I’m taking time to exercise regularly — at least three times a week. Even if I don’t have a lot of time, I take a quick walk with baby in the stroller to help myself relax and lower stress.
5. My partner and I talked about when we plan to start solids. Most experts recommend waiting till after baby is six months old.
6. I’ve talked with my pediatrician about when I need to call if baby gets sick. Especially if baby is in daycare, I know what symptoms to look for and when I should worry.
7. We made it past the newborn stage! My baby is officially an infant now!
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Baby Checklist. Week #10
1. I double-check baby’s environment for choking hazards whenever I put Madeline down to play. Anything smaller than a toilet paper roll is small enough to fit down a baby’s throat.
2. My baby’s skin is a little dry, and Madeline’s starting to get eczema, so I use a gentle hydrating cream after every bath — and apply it again throughout the day.
3. Baby loves familiar people — and right now, Mommy and Daddy are his favorites. Whenever Madeline sees one of us, Madeline smiles. Sometimes Madeline even reaches for me!
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4. I’ve organized our schedules! I made a calendar with all my appointments for work and home.
5. I made a list of baby essentials that I need to have with me at all times. I’ve packed a diaper bag that can travel with baby to daycare or a babysitter, and I’m keeping it stocked with everything baby needs.
6. I’m keeping baby’s bum healthy! I chose a diaper cream that’s natural and hypoallergenic, with no petroleum.
7. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself all day long, because I’m constantly talking to baby — and even singing to Madeline. I sound silly, but baby loves it! And I know it will help develop Madeline’s language skills, so it’s worth it.
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Baby Checklist. Week #9
1. My baby’s growing! Madeline eats 4-5 oz of formula at every meal. If I’m breastfeeding, I don’t need to measure how much Madeline eats — I just feed Madeline on demand.
2. Baby can figure out where a sound is coming from! When Madeline hears something that interests Madeline, Madeline turns Madeline’s head and locates the source of the sound with his {name}’s eyes.
3. My baby seems a little constipated — Madeline’s not pooping every day, and when Madeline does, it’s hard. I move Madeline’s legs in a bicycle motion to help get his digestive system moving.
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4. I’ve set up the baby monitor, and it’s my new best friend! I can get stuff done on the other side of the house while baby is napping.
5. I really don’t feel like getting it on right now! I’ve never been so uninterested in sex. I know that breastfeeding can affect my sex drive, and my partner and I talked about how I’m feeling and how we can work together to stay connected even when I’m not feeling inspired.
6. My lactation consultant thinks that dairy I eat might affect baby, so I’ve cut milk out of my diet temporarily to see if it helps constipation or eczema.
7. I think my partner and I are ready for our first real date night! We’ve hired a babysitter, and we’re going to go out for a short dinner in the early evening. We’re prepared to come home early if baby gets fussy.
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Baby Checklist. Week #8
2. If I hold baby up on Madeline’s feet, Madeline puts some of her weight on Madeline’s legs. I don’t do this often, because it can affect Madeline’s hip development, but Madeline just loves it when I do! — it’s like Madeline can’t wait to start standing on Madeline’s own.
3. Baby is starting to get picky about who holds her {name} — and just when we were feeling ready for a babysitter! Madeline needs time to get to know new people.
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4. I’m taking care of my health by keeping caffeine to a minimum and drinking plenty of healthy liquids like water and fresh juice.
5. My partner and I had a heart-to-heart about chores. Between childcare and household jobs, there’s a lot more that needs to be done these days! We talked about how much each of us can do and how we can work as a team.
6. I made a list of emergency contact numbers for babysitters. It includes our cell phone numbers as well as poison control and our pediatrician’s number. I hung it somewhere visible like the fridge or right next to the phone.
7. I’m working on remembering who I am apart from being a mom. I took an hour this week to rest and do something just for me.
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Baby Checklist. Week #7
1. When I dangle objects in front of baby, Madeline follows them with Madeline’s eyes.
2. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to be able to put baby down when Madeline ’s sleepy but still awake. Madeline can sometimes put himself to sleep if I catch Madeline at just the right time!
3. My baby has had Madeline’s two-month checkup, which included a lot more vaccinations! The two-month vaccination series includes the first dose of rotavirus, the first dose of DTaP, the first dose of Hib, the first dose of PCV13, and the first dose of IPV.
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5. I don’t have much time for make-up these days. But I’m getting the hang of putting on a couple of things quickly — some lip gloss and mascara or eyeliner, so I can feel a little dressed up without spending a lot of time.
6. I squeezed back into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans! Sure, they used to be my loose, comfortable jeans, but hey, I’m finally out of maternity clothes! I’ll take it.
7. I’ve thoroughly researched my daycare provider. They have plenty of experience with young babies, they’re certified, and they know infant first aid and CPR.
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