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Baby Checklist. Newborn
1. My baby got Athena’s first vaccination — a dose of Hepatitis B that’s given at birth. Shots are scary, but my newborn getting sick would be even scarier! I also went ahead and scheduled her (name}’s first checkup with our pediatrician.
2. Who knew poop would ever be so interesting? I’m counting my baby’s diapers to make sure Athena has at least 6 wet ones and 3 dirty ones every 24 hours.
3. I’m even hungrier now than I was when I was pregnant! Breastfeeding takes a lot of out of me — literally. I need 300-500 extra calories if I’m breastfeeding, so I’m eating at least 2,000 calories every day.
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4. The big day is finally here — we’re ready to bring baby home! I can’t wait to start using all the adorable baby stuff in our nursery! I washed all the baby clothes and bedding with a hypoallergenic detergent that’s designed not to irritate baby’s sensitive skin.
5. I thought disposable underwear sounded gross, but this hospital underwear is actually pretty practical. I’ve bought some disposable underwear of my own and some extra-long pads to protect me during postpartum bleeding.
6. My belly is pretty flabby still, but I know that’s normal! I bought a postpartum support belt or wrap to support my belly as I’m healing. If I had a C-section, I’ve also bought some scar healing cream with vitamin E.
7. If I plan to bottle feed, then I’ve stocked up on the right equipment: small 4 oz bottles and stage 1 nipples. I’ve also got a bottle brush to keep my bottles clean.
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First Bath 11/22/2014
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Athena was 10 pounds, 22 inches and had a head circumference 14.5. I Had 24 hours of back labor before i agreed to get the epid…

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